The Mayan Blockchain Revised 1.01

by Tommi A. Vuorenmaa, Founder, Aekraes Kodex 

There are good accounts on blockchain, there are bad accounts on blockchain. And then there are the cryptic ones…

Let me shoot it point blank: This particular account is more about the Mayans than about blockchain – there are, in any case, so many accounts on the latter already, but less on the Mayans. So, I thought I would rather write about the Mayans.

The Mayans ran a city-state culture until 900 AD, or so, with a large number of cities of various sizes linked to each other by a complex trade network, sometimes forming formidable alliances. Tikal was among the largest Mayan cities, which usually consisted of about 50,000 – 120,000 people. In a very concrete way, the power of the Mayans was “distributed.”

But before you really think this post is about the Mayans, the word “distributed” should ring a bell if you have ever heard of blockchain technology. Even if you have not, let me explain…

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