The Future of Investing in the Data Economy

Michael Beal is the CEO of Data Capital Management. He is passionate about investing, the onset of the “Data Economy” and effectively leveraging his quantitative, analytical and leadership skills to motivate teams to consistently perform above expectations – and have fun while doing so! Michael earned a BA from Harvard College with honors in Economics and an MBA from Harvard Business School with distinction.

We were excited to have Michael Beal join us at Trading Show Chicago 2016 to discuss ‘the future of investing in the data economy‘.

Download this presentation to understand more about:

  • Data Capital Management overview
  • What is the data economy?
  • What new challenges does the data economy create for investors?
  • The future of investing in the data economy
  • Lessons from the industrial revolution

and much more!

Get your copy here!

If you’re interested in learning more about data and the future of investing , join us at Trading Show Chicago 2017 , held May 17-18 in Chicago, IL .


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