Is Deep Learning used in Trading?

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Deep Learning is a very successful trading strategy right now.

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In this paper, we tackle some key questions for CIOs and portfolio managers :

  • Is deep learning being used right now? What are the leading firms using it?
  • What is the intuition here? Why does it work so well in social science setting where we are essentially predicting human behavior?
  • Give me a concrete example. Here is a very popular trade. Can you show me how to implement it with deep learning?
  • We have been using neural networks since the sixties. What is so special about deep neural networks? Why the sudden success?
  • Why should a portfolio manager care ?

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There is a huge investment in Deep Learning methods in the industry and we are firm believers in this becoming the defacto standard way of investment management five to ten years from now. Till then there will be handsome profits to be made!

This paper was provided by qplum.

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