Improve Your Models With Exceptionally Accurate, Unconventional Energy Commodity Data


Are you at risk of not being an early adopter?

As the data deluge continues growing at an exponential pace, the most forward-thinking fund managers are investing heavily in the alpha-generating potential of unconventional data.

ClipperData is one of the innovative vendors at the forefront of this data revolution. Founded in 2013, the New York-based firm provides comprehensive data sets, analysis and commentary on global crude and refined product movements.

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Using a combination of unique data collection techniques and exclusive licensing arrangements with best-in-the-business data providers, ClipperData is able to track all shipping position data with precise knowledge of exact crude or petroleum product grade, load and offload ports, along with consignee information in real time.

For quantitative traders, this real-time picture of crude and product flows offers a powerful tool for maximizing profits, mitigating risk and capturing market fundamentals with clarity and precision amidst heightened volatility.

Download this whitepaper now to learn more about how ClipperData is delivering unprecedented insights into the dynamics of global petroleum markets.

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