Girish Mutreja, CEO of Neeve Research interviewed at Trading Show Chicago 2016

Girish Mutreja, CEO of Neeve Research was interviewed at the Trading Show Chicago 2016. Our Conference Manager, Jesse Collin, asked him about his company Neeve Research and where he sees the industry heading in the years to come.

Girish was asked the following questions:

1) You have over two decades of experience as a systems architect, engineer and technologist, giving you a front row seat to the technology revolution and birth of the information age. What has this experience taught you about the pace of IT innovation? How do you see the computing field evolving over the next 5-10 years?

2) Tell us about the genesis of Neeve Research. When did you decide you were ready to break off from the establishment and start your own firm? Was there a seminal “a-ha” moment in time you can point to, or was it always your plan to create and direct your own technology company?

3)Neeve Research was founded in “on the belief that memory-oriented computing is a revolution that is going to change enterprise computing.” Could you tell us more about memory-oriented computing, and why it is being touted as a game-changer in the big data era?

4) For capital markets firms in particular, how can in-memory computing boost performance, drive strategic decision making and help identify and improve trading decisions?

5) You’ve described the enormous benefits of in-memory computing, but what are the biggest challenges and obstacles holding it back from becoming the industry norm?

6) We have seen technology vendors of all sizes begin to offer in-memory products in recent years. How would you distinguish Neeve Research’s X Platform from other solution providers in the space?

Trading Show Chicago took place on May 18-19, 2016 at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL.

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