The who’s who of connectivity and data centers

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We have compiled a list and directory of some of the top connectivity providers who are revolutionizing the speed of automated trading.

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The top five firms with fiber products

Fiber networks enable information to be sent through fiber optic cables from one trading hub to another. This was the first method of connectivity to enable traders to get data almost instantly and is generally less expensive than most alternatives. However, as data is transported along the fibers it cannot reach the same speed as certain wireless routes due to restrictions on placement of the fiber route (cannot be completely straight due to physical barriers) and the refraction of light in long haul networks.

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The top five firms with microwave products

Microwave is a method of transferring information wirelessly between data centers (routes currently include Chicago to New Jersey and Basildon, UK to Frankfurt, Germany for example) at speeds that approach the speed of light. These were originally built by some of the larger trading firms but now some key providers have emerged. Generally, this is a more expensive technology than fiber but can reach fast speeds as the route can be practically straight. Issues are reliability due to weather conditions, capacity and bandwidth compared with fiber and security of information being in the air.

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The top three data/cloud centers

Data centers are facilities used to house computer systems and store data and servers. Now with the advances in the cloud, the storage of data has evolved rapidly. Firms can upload their data to the cloud and share rack space with other firms, reducing the physical infrastructure for data storage.

Find out which three data/cloud centers made the list – download the report here

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