Ten tips on achieving employee engagement

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employee engagement

Ivey Business Journal recently wrote an interesting article about employee engagement. Forbes define employee engagement as “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and its goals. This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company.” An engaged employee is not only enthusiastic about their work but also acts in the interest of their organisation. As such a company with engaged employees has a competitive advantage, as employees help achieve business objectives. If employees are inspired by and committed to their work, in turn they can help an organisation achieve its goals.

So how can employers engage employees? Ivy Business Journal answer this question with the “Ten Cs”:

1. Connect: Employers should connect with employees. The article notes the importance of valuing employees stating that employee initiatives, such as profit share, are great but if a manager does not have a good relationship with an employee then such initiatives won’t lead to employee engagement. It takes an organisation and a management team who value and care about their employees to keep them engaged.

2. Career: the opportunity to progress in a role or organisation often leads to employee engagement. Without the chance to work towards something new or advancement in a role, employees may become unengaged.

3. Clarity: clarity of vision and strategy are key to employee engagement. Without a clear understanding of company goals it is difficult for employees to achieve the company’s vision. A company that can clearly portray what it stands for, what it wants to achieve and how each individual can help achieve these goals is more likely to have an engaged workforce.

4. Convey: the article suggests that good leaders clearly communicate their expectations and provide regular feedback both positive and constructive. This way an employee a) knows what is expected b) is shown how to improve and c) is praised when successful.

5. Congratulate: recognition should never be undervalued. Recognizing an achievement and acknowledging that achievement goes a long way in inspiring an employee.

6. Contribute: the journal states that “good leaders help people see and feel how they are contributing to the organisation’s success and future”. This is key. If an employee can’t see how they are contributing to the company’s success how can they maintain a commitment to achieving the company’s goals?

7. Control: employees who are involved in decision making processes, in setting goals and driving initiatives, are far more likely to feel engaged. Being included in these processes can also help employees take ownership.

8. Collaborate: The article says that “surveys indicate that being cared about by colleagues is a strong predictor of employee engagement. Thus, a continuous challenge for leaders is to rally individuals to collaborate on organisational, departmental, and group goals”.

9. Credibility: if employees aren’t proud of their jobs, their achievements and their company, it is difficult to maintain employee engagement. Remember employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organisation and its goals. So an employer should strive to create an environment and an organisation that its employees identify with and feel proud to work for.

10. Confidence: confidence, not only in a company’s ability to perform but also in its credibility is the final “C” that the article identifies as important to employee engagement.

What do you think? What other ways can employers help employee engagement. We welcome your comments below.

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