7 most innovative Quant and CTA Managers in Europe

7 most innovative Quant and CTA Managers in Europe

Who are the most innovative quant and CTA managers in Europe?

It has become clear that certain Quant and CTA managers are bucking the trend and delivering results for their investors.

At a time when investors are considering how much to allocate to quantitative strategies, it’s important to highlight the organisations that are doing something creative and innovative.

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Find out:

  • Which quant and CTA managers are delivering to their investors
  • Which organisations are the more creative and innovative to invest in
  • Why you should invest

Download the E-book here >

All of the firms on this list have demonstrated to us that a heavy focus on research, model development and liquidity provision can lead to the creation of innovative strategies and investible funds.

This is by no means, a definitive document. Rather, they are a collection of the managers who have come to our attention. If you think there are others who we should have a look at, then please let us know.

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