Risk and returns: Seeding Asian-based hedge fund managers

The first few months of 2013 has signalled good news for the Asian hedge funds industry, especially after a challenging year in 2012. In the Credit Suisse’s annual Global Hedge Fund Investor Survey report, most of the 550 institutional investors selected emerging markets and the Asia-Pacific region as the top two markets to allocate capital in 2013. With an increased confidence in Asian-focused hedge funds, more investors are considering placing their capital in Asia.

Every investment, however, is fraught with risks that arise from a whole host of factors in industry and region. Such risks include currency risk, market risk, capital controls and regulatory risks. The Asian hedge fund market has its own set of characteristics that differs from more mature hedge fund industries in US and Europe.

Despite the risks, Edward Rogers, the CEO of Rogers Investment Advisors, believes that hedge funds are the smartest, and possibly the only sensible way, to invest in Japanese public equities. He will be explaining the various risks associated with seeding a hedge fund at the 16th annual Hedge Funds World Asia 2013 in Hong Kong. With over 20 years experience in Asia and financial service, he is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Be sure to catch his engaging and informative presentation: “Seeding Asian-based hedge fund managers” at the Hedge Funds World Asia 2013. He will be joined by over 250 institutional investors, family offices, private banks, hedge funds representatives and industry leaders.


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