Investors set to increase their commodities allocations


A recent report form ETF Securities suggests that investors are set to increase their allocation to Commodities in 2013. As investors continue to feel uncertain about global markets, many are changing their approach to portfolio diversification and commodities appear to play a major part in their thinking.

Some of the key points to come out of the survey include:

  • over 40% of investors plan to allocate between 8-10% of their portfolios to commodities in 2013
  • industrial metals are of major interest to investors
  • copper in particular is seen as a potentially profitable investment
  • 40% of investors currently use ETPs

The conclusion is that investors will be flocking to commodities as diversifier in 2013. Many of them will be using ETFs to access commodities and this could be due to recent ESMA guidelines that are set to expand the use of ETPs in 2013.

in 2013, the annual World Commodities Week and the annual ETF and Indexing Investment Summit will be bringing together European investors to asses the potential of commodities as an asset class and ETFs as an investment vehicle.


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