Asset Managers to make a comeback in 2013?

asset manager comeback Scott Eisen/Governor's Office

Will it be a happy new year for Asset Managers? Michael Kim at Sandler O’Neil has predicted that 2013 will mark the great return for the asset manager.

According to Kim, asset managers have spent the last three years in the “wilderness” and that breakout flows will turn around their success as investors become less risk averse.

Companies such as Natixis Global Asset Management are in the middle of what everybody hopes to be a change by offering the McDonnell Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund. The fund aims to enable investors to determine investment goals and build portfolios that will hopefully boost assets under management in the longer term at a lower risk.

Michael Kim believes that investors will become more risk tolerant as the financial crisis begins to fade. But has the financial crisis really faded? With the US fiscal cliff deal fresh in everybody’s minds, will this really be the year the Asset Manager rises again? Only time will tell.

Do you agree with Michael Kim on asset managers? Will 2013 be the year that people start to take more risks with asset management? Let us know what you think and leave a comment below. 


Read Michael Kim’s paper here


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