Facebook to “fesbuk”– Indonesians are changing the social game

fesbuk Indonesia Mobile FacebookFESBUK – Who would have thought that Facebook or ‘fesbuk’, as written in their national Bahasa language, is actually the most common #app among our Indonesian friends? Recently this article reports that this developing Muslim nation claims to be one of the largest communities of Facebook users with about 40 million users and some even without landline connections.

Ironically, internet penetration through the use of a computer is rather low at less than 10 per cent. Cheap mobile phones are being sold already bundled up with Facebook applications, and many getting by with less than $2 a day, the internet has become a popular past time. Daniel Tumiwa, country manager of Multiply, an Indonesian online portal, Facebook “is the cheapest form of entertainment here.” Not only are games capturing the attention of most of the Indonesians users, but some use Facebook as a platform to voice out their personal opinions on taboo topics and to enrich their personal lives and those in their community.

Surprisingly enough, when most parts of the world took baby steps to accept technology as part of their everyday life, our Indonesian counterparts jumped straight onto the social media platform.  Facebook really is the internet, and this poses massive implications for businesses looking to engage their audience. Digital Advertising vs. Social Media – this country is an excellent case study into the new way of investing marketing resources online. Facebook’s Indonesian revenue could be on the rise very soon


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