Pharma marketing experts discuss their multichannel marketing strategy


Pharmaceutical marketers finally understand the importance of digital communication techniques. The question on marketers
lips this year is how can we develop a winning multichannel strategy which combines online and offline marketing channels
and provides relevant and useful information to our customers?

It seems to me that there are mixed fortunes with some pharma ahead of the game with a clear strategy and implementation
plan, while some are missing the mark and not quite making the most of the amazing technologies available to them or relying
heavily on the traditional marketing and sales process.

When planning your multichannel marketing strategy, it’s vital to understand who your audience is, know why you’re doing it, plan well to utilise the available tools and analyse the results to gage success. What does pharma think? We asked some key industry experts to provide their thoughts, take a look and let us know if you agree >> Download the ebook


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