Top 3 challenges for digital #pharma marketers:

digital marketing expert We asked Vivek Chaudhuri  a healthcare communication innovations expert specialising in digital strategy for pharma & consumer health products what his thoughts were on the current challenges for digital marketers.

1. What do you think the top 3 challenges are for digital marketers in the pharma industry?
a.) Integration of digital into overall marketing strategy to solve consumer needs (rather than considering it a channel checklist)
b.) Lack of resources and imagination to leverage digital possibilities. Pharma is used to spending money where they have lot of data supporting any strategy. In order to implement a smart digital marketing campaign or solution, pharma needs pathfinder marketers but generally pharma is know for success paradigm followers
c.) Rules and regulation are extremely stringent and most marketers free the idea of venturing into unknown territory and avoid the remote possibility of ruffling few med-legal feather.

2. What lessons have you learnt in implementing and making digital work well in your team/organisation?
- Starting small and then going for the fences works
- Workshops that involve multiple stakeholders of a brand to create a collective positioning based on data available and ideation helps move the needle

3. What is the key to making a successful digital marketing strategy?
- Customer-centric focus, not only on paper but also a real intent to address consumer needs and help them in their journey towards a solution NOT just a fix. Key is avoiding a checklist digital tools presence or tactical implementation (create a Facebook page or YouTube channel or Mobile App), without clear integration with overall marketing strategy


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