Smart phone to become diagnostic tools as #ehealth advances

The future of mobile health: Those at the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology believe smart phones could be set to diagnose infections via their sensitive touchscreen technology.

It is believed that via the use of lab-on-a-chip (a cheap disposable USB stick) users will be able to capture a small sample of saliva, urine or blood and send it to a lab for testing. The Korea Advanced Institute for Science & Technology believe touchscreens could be able to replace the lab work. They believe that you could use the highly sensitive detection platforms on the screen which currently detects the electrical charge in your fingertips to detect the presence of disease biomarkers in bodily fluid.

The consequence of this would mean a reduction in the cost of lab expenses and much quicker self diagnosis of diseases and virus’s like the flu, food poisoning etc.

So could the future really be self diagnosis via spitting on your iphone?

mobile as diagnostic tool


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