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Last year Alex Butler published a presentation on slide share titled ‘Pharma Marketing Trends 2012’ which outlined his predictions for key digital pharmaceutical marketing and health trends for 2012. He focussed primarily on the continuing influence of social media, and the importance of incorporating online communication into your 2012 marketing strategy.

Now that 2012 is officially over, it would be a good time to review Alex Butler’s predictions from our perspective here at Total Biopharma.

Although our twitter followers continue to grow, we are experiencing problems encouraging people to actually interact with us and tweet! Understandably pharmaceutical companies are extremely precious about what is published with their branding attached –no company would publish a press release without having it checked and double checked by several members of staff and then given a stamp of approval from senior management. So why should it be any different with twitter? Especially after seeing some of the embarrassing twitter mishaps that have happened over the years, (not mentioning anyone in particular, Kitchenaid)

Although we are eager for this challenge to be overcome, we can’t see any immediate solutions. Whilst I still believe that social media is integral to any marketing strategy, I don’t think we should be throwing away the old methods of internet usage just yet.


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